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Simply sleeping through the entire dental treatment - in our clinic, that is not a problem!

You are afraid of going to the dentist or have a disability or another illness that does not allow a conventional treatment? Then just sleep through the entire procedure! Completely stress-free and as relaxed as during a good night's sleep - thanks to our general anesthetic service.

Then you can wake up again when everything is already done. In our clinic, an experienced anesthetist performs general anesthesia and stays with you throughout the treatment.

A relaxing nap during your entire dental treatment - with intubation anesthesia

That is possible with a so-called intubation anesthesia.
Once you are already sleeping and are completely relaxed, our anesthetist will insert a thin breathing tube into your trachea. This will provide you with oxygen during the entire procedure.

These are the benefits of intubation anesthesia

  • You quickly recover from the general anesthesia!
  • Your body is stressed as little as possible!
  • Nausea and vomiting after anesthesia are very rare!

You can be sure that we only use general anesthetic if nothing else is possible! As a holistic dental practice, we want to keep the stress on the organism to a minimum. We therefore usually try to help you with local anesthetic options first.

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