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Our food can no longer provide us with sufficient vitamins and minerals. The reason for this is the increasing cultivation in greenhouses, as well as the depletion of the soil.

In addition, 85% of the population is not as healthy as they would like (Allensbach Institute survey): the ideal 5 portions of fruit or vegetables a day are only eaten by very few of them.

In addition to the inadequate nutrition, there is an increased need for nutrients today - due to stress, physical and mental strain, the intake of medicines, chronic diseases, but also environmental factors such as particulate matter or environmental toxins. 

If you examine people on an intracellular level and look for important minerals such as magnesium and other important laboratory parameters such as vitamin D3, it quickly becomes clear that the German population has massive deficiencies.

Above all, the vitamin D3 level is far too low in over 80% of Germans: The body is in constant hibernation mode and no longer has enough energy, nor can it regenerate or repair itself.

In our clinic for biological and holistic dentistry, we include these factors in our therapy because:

A weakened body in a state of deficiency is not able to sufficiently regenerate!

Especially before dental implants, it is necessary to utilize the "Bone Healing Protocol" developed by Dr. med. Neubauer to replenish the vitamin and mineral stores of the body and ensure a sufficient healing as well as the growth of the bone surrounding the implants.

For "non-implant patients" we recommend taking the vitamin and mineral supplements twice a year (especially in autumn / winter, as in winter the vitamin D level is at its lowest and the risk of infection at its highest!).

This way, you can always be sure to be well supplied with the most important vitamins and minerals!


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