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Matrix rhythm therapy for a better flow and more energy in the body

Matrix rhythm therapy is one of the basic forms of modern conventional medicine in the 21st century to treat pain and movement restrictions. The possible positive effects, however, go much further.

Pain often arises when the cells are no longer optimally supplied with oxygen or nutrients. A disturbed lymphatic system can be responsible for this. The muscles harden and the cell supply is limited even further!

The matrix rhythm therapy normalizes the metabolic processes of the affected body region in no time. It has a positive effect on every single cell and improves:

  • The blood circulation
  • The oxygen supply
  • The lymphatic drainage

The result: The connective tissue, e.g. muscles, fasciae and tendons, becomes more permeable, supple and can regenerate and become healthy again. This is a first and important step in combating the cause of pain.

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