Ladebalken abschalten

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Beautiful and self-confident - that's how a bright white smile looks.
A professional and gentle teeth whitening gives you both: beauty and safety!

The color of our teeth is as individual as a fingerprint. It arises from a mix of natural specifications and external influences. Even if we brush our teeth regularly, our teeth become darker in the course of life. How far the tooth color goes from the natural white we came into the world with depends on various factors.

Reasons for tooth discoloration include:

  • Strong smoking
  • drugs
  • tea
  • tobacco

If you are dissatisfied with your tooth color, we can help you: with a tooth bleaching in our practice!


This is how the bleaching works: lighten teeth by the professional!

Safe, uncomplicated and gentle - this is how bleaching works for us. When whitening your teeth we whiten your teeth with active oxygen. The active ingredient penetrates into the enamel and destroys there the annoying darkers of tea, nicotine and red wine. Our experienced employees have already lit up many teeth with this method. The procedure is absolutely safe with correct execution!

We recommend the gentle bleaching for the home! The so-called home bleaching. To do this, our dental technicians manufacture a whitening splint, into which you can bleach yourself at home and leave it on overnight. This process must be repeated several times until the desired tooth color is achieved.

These are the benefits of whitening with the whitening splint:

  • For gentle home bleaching we use low-concentrated bleaching gel
  • You can control the bleaching yourself and decide how bright the teeth should be
  • You can reuse the rails, for example, to be able to even more cheaply after one year

Even more important than the tooth color, however, is the dental health! That's why we only whiten teeth that are healthy! Because even inflammations can affect the tooth color. Before bleaching, we must rule out that periodontitis or other illnesses are to blame for the dull smile.

The gentle professional tooth cleaning (PZR) with the Air-Flow as the basis for a radiant smile
With a so-called air-flow device, we remove harmful plaque before whitening and create a healthy base for whitening. A special powder-water mixture is sprayed on your teeth and gently removes stubborn discoloration. In many cases, cleaning is enough to lighten the teeth.