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At MEDIDENT BAVARIA® in Tittling, holistic dentistry in combination with the biological concept are combined to form the offer for the health of your family.

In addition to the well-known treatments and services of a dental clinic, we offer you the broad spectrum of holistic dentistry. Here are some examples of how we can bring you and your health back into balance and help with severe or chronic ailments.


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  • Pain, for example in the muscles, occurs even when the cells are no longer supplied properly. With a matrix rhythm therapy, we can revive the metabolic processes in bones, muscles, nerves and blood vessels. The entire flow - the so-called lymphatic drainage - is activated, pollutants are broken down and the metabolism of the cells is normalized again.
  • Stress, environmental pollution or a wrong diet stress the organism. The immune system and organs such as the liver or kidneys are increasingly overwhelmed - at the expense of your general health. Detox with our DETOX program and recharge with vitamin cures and the perfect diet. We help you and your body to get back on its feet with individual analyzes and the right vitamins, trace elements and natural supplements for you.
  • Many people suffer from back pain, headaches or an unexplained muscle and joint pain. The cause can be a wrong bite if the teeth or dentures do not fit together properly. Even the grinding of your teeth during the night leads to tension, which can be transmitted to the entire body via the jaw joints and the muscles. In this case, we can help with a tailor-made splint therapy and rely on an interdisciplinary therapist network of orthopedists, physiotherapists or osteopaths.